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Recommended subject and Standard performance Champion
(regarding coursing)


Vaillant was born on March 25, 2004 and is the son of Runy de Kenosha and Sarah du Croquet (see its pedigree below)




Vaillant is a fine whippet and has great aptitude for shows and has achieved some success in various shows.

His Fame in Dog Show :
1er Exc CT CAC la Roche sur Foron 26/03/2006
2e Exc CO RCACIB RCACS Grenoble 01/10/2006


Vaillant excels in coursing in PVL

His Fame in Coursing :
2e Exc RCACL Tuirin 30/07/07
1er Exc CACP Vizille 30/09/2006
1er Exc CACP Mollègès 15/10/2006
8e Championnat de France Chardonnay 26/08/2007
2e Exc RCACP Nationale d'élevage Mont de Marsan 01/09/2007



Vaillant is also a courier complete with a little racing :

His Fame in racing :
1/2 Finalist french championship Châtillon la Pallud 2006
2nd Grand Prix of the SCC Perpignan 2007

Finally, its sweet, affectionate and sociable in fact an excellent greyhound company. Its passage club education, for almost 2 years since its 3 months, gave him a greyhound well high and it could have the agility.

His Pedigree

Pedigree of Vaillant des Mésanges de Tournod

Vaillant des Mésanges de Tournod

Runy de Kénosha

Léo de la Vallée des Baronnies

Ithys X.R. de Chambord
Great Star du Merle Blanc

Dixmoor Miss Money Penny

Dixmoor Love Story

Dixmoor Jump Over The Moon
Sarah du CroquetPablo du CroquetNiagara du Haras d'Hélios
Infante Dona Eugenia X.R. de Chambord
Laura du CroquetJeriadec Du Croquet
Heloise du Croquet
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