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Recommended subject and Standard performance Champion
(regarding coursing)

Upside down is a male whippet born on August 6, 2003 at Mrs Dye breeding site in Beziers



Upside Down is of english lineage inherited from its father Champion Salvilepark Scoundrel At Sylbecq. Its good looks in shows have brought good results (see his results):

His Fame in Dog Show:
1er Exc Working Class RACIB RCACS Roanne 08/05/05
1er Exc Working Class RACIB RCACS Avignon 09/10/2005
1er Exc Working Class RACIB RCACS Bourg e bresse 18/02/2006
1er Exc Open Class RCACS la Roche sur Foron 26/03/2008
1er Exc Open Class CACS BIG3 Narbonne 21/05/2006


Upside is a fine runner with several victories. Racing is not its strong point despite the fact that it can show real aptitude for coursing (PVL)

His Fame in Coursing:
1er Exc CACIL CACP Sermamagny 01/05/2005 (Better male any races)
1er Exc CACP Molleges 16/10/2005
1er Exc CACP Chardonnay 01/04/2007
1er Exc CACP Vizilles 30/09/2007
1er Exc CACP Molleges 04/11/2007


His pedigree

Pedigree of Upside Down de Kénosha

Upside Down de Kénosha

Savilepark Scoundrel at Sylecq

Savilepark Subastral

Novacroft Madrigal

Charmoll Mac Tavish

Baydale Cinnamon

Dondelayo Ruanne of Charmoll
Novacroft StarletGarganey Shooting Star
Sandhey's Wild Silk

Savilepark Sweet Harmony

Lowglen Newbold Cavalier
Skydiver of Lowglen
Flarepath Caprice
Newbold Katerina

Samarkand's Sun Courtier

Oakbark Michaela
Showpiece At Savilepark

Newbold Muffinman
Oakbark Pyramid

Samarkand's Sun Courtier
Laguna Lynda

Oakbark Michaela

Flarepath Tambillo Tarquin
Oakbark Michelle
Brambleglen May Bud

Demerlay Shooting Star

Newbold Muffinman
Savilepark Super Moll
Brambleglen Field FairNevedith Merry Monarch
Elmanash Quick Trick

Pépite de Kénosha
Ecce Homo du Sac à MalicesCaveat Emptor ad Honores

Any One de Gabylène
Red Herring du Sac à Malices
Vanille de Gabylène

Superfly's Mme Butterfly

Dondelayo Paint Tin

Seven Year Itch du Sac a Malices
Tisme Glowing Again du Sac à MalicesSpend A Penny du Sac à MalicesPéché Originel du Sac à Malices
La Périchole du Sac à Malices

Itsme Autumn's Copper Glow
Dottie's Windjammer v.Franbee

Wilpat Tafa of Excalibur

Dixmoor Miss Money Penny

Dixmoor Love Story

Nevedith X-Ray

Nevedith Paper Weight
Sakonnet Alfalfa

Dis Merci à la Dame du Sac à Malices

Nevedith Paper Weight

Un Amour de Swann du Sac à Malices

Dixmoor Jump Over The Moon

Nevedith X-Ray

Nevedith Paper Weight
Sakonnet Alfalfa

Dixmoor Give Me The Moon

Novacroft Emperor

Dis Merci à la Dame du Sac à Malices
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