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Recommended subject and Standard performance Champion
(regarding coursing)


Runy was born on March 11, 2000 in Béziers from father Leo of the Valley of Baronnies and mother Dixmoor Miss Moneypenny (see pedigree below). Runy is a white bringé male whippet which lives in Savoy (73) and has spent its first years with Griotte within a family of 3 children, of which Amandine, its coach


Everyone adores Runy for its unfailing kindness and patience. Runy likes to be cuddled, stroked and embraced and enjoys being with its Masters. Apart from family life, Runy enjoys chasing marmots and chamois. It thus passed its certificate for coursing (Savoy) in July 2002. Runy discovery of Lure Pursuit on Sight (PVL) was immediately a revelation. Runy began training at ‘’Le Bois Français” in Domène (close to Grenoble) with its Club (CLDS) and took part in its first race in Vizille in September 2002. Since then it has been coursing regularly in PVL (see its complete results).

His Fame in coursing:
2er Exc R
CACP Mollègés (TCPLC) 23/03/2003
1er Exc CACP Saint Sébastien (CLDS) 28/09/2003
1er Exc CACP
Mollègés (TCPLC) 21/03/2004
1er Exc CACP Mollègés (TCPLC) 04/03/2007
8e Exc French Championship Chardonnay 25/08/2007

Runy has also attended several shows and has won the titles of Recommended Subject 5 points for the title of PVL and Champion Prize winner standard performance (see its complete results).

His Fame in Dog Show:
1er Exc Working Class CACS Grenoble 23/01/2001
1er Exc Working Class RCACS La Roche sur Foron 28/03/2004

His Pedigree

Pedigree of Runy de Kénosha

Runy de Kénosha

Léo de la Vallée des Baronnies

Ithys X.R. de Chambord

Galaad X.R. de Chambord

Sunsalve Heatwave at Hutaka

Cygne X.R. de Chambord

Doriane Deliciosa de Gabylène

Vilain Monsieur de Gabylène
Befana du Sac à Malices
Great Star du Merle BlancAlmaglo ScorpionByron
Dernière Mode du Merle BlancAh! Si j'étais Riche du Merle Blanc

Repeat Performance du Sac à Malices

Dixmoor Miss Money Penny

Dixmoor Love Story

Nevedith X-Ray

Nevedith Paper Weight
Sakonnet Alfalfa

Dis Merci à la Dame du Sac à Malices

Nevedith Paper Weight

Un Amour de Swann du Sac à Malices

Dixmoor Jump Over The Moon

Nevedith X-Ray

Nevedith Paper Weight
Sakonnet Alfalfa

Dixmoor Give Me The Moon

Novacroft Emperor

Dis Merci à la Dame du Sac à Malices
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