Runy de Kenosha Upside Down de Kenosha Vaillant des Mésanges de Tournod El Ninio Mosquito dit A'ninietto
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Last update : 14/11/2011


Multi Ch. El Ninio Mosquito is father !

4 dogs and 3 bitches born on November 13rd, 2011

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El Ninio Mosquito is Sujet recommandé, Vice Champion de France 2007 (coursing), International Coursing Champion
et Ch Lauréat Standard Performance, 5° FCI EM Coursing 2008, 4° FCI EM Coursing 2009, Italian Coursing Champion 2010

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" 1991 - 2011 - Already 20 years of passion for this wonderful breed..."

Club member of the French Whippet
Club member of Greyhounds of the Dauphine and Savoie (coursing)

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